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Having sold multiple homes over the years, we are well aware of what is involved in the process. Karina and her team, quite simply, have set the bar to a new level! From start to finish the preparation, professionalism, attention to detail, and follow-up were phenomenal. Karina and her team are simply the best Real Estate professionals we’ve ever encountered.

–Ulch Family

We chose Karina after talking to 3 local Realtors. Karina was the most prepared with data supporting why she picked a starting price. She had excellent communication skills and worked well with other Realtors. So happy we chose Karina. Can’t go wrong!

–Raj Family

Look no further for the BEST Realtor in all of Bethany. Karina is a top notch, five star, white glove, professional business woman who knows how to help you sell your house with ease. Her years of experience pay dividends to her sellers. Her positive attitude shines a bright light every time you meet with her. And her staff is beyond responsive. They replied quickly, they jumped at every request, and were detailed with every response. Karina is amazing. I can’t imagine going through the process without her. I will refer her over and over to family and friends. You need Karina. TRUST ME!!!

–Jockers Family

Karina and her team were amazing to work with. She made recommendations on improvements that added value to the home and provided a list of contractors that performed outstanding work at reasonable rates. Saved me a ton of time and money on unnecessary work. Very attentive to details, always quickly responded to questions we had every step of the way. Her experience and knowledge of the local market got us multiple above market offers in the first week. They exceeded all my expectations and made the entire process stress-free. I would definitely recommend Karina and her team to anyone without hesitation.

–Asuncion Family